Versus 612 Scaglietti GT Concept

Limited to three pieces and ten resin transkits from APM. The donor car is a Hotwheels.






Versus photos:  


Yahoo Auction july 2012:  

Another Japanese owner: This one is made under M&H brand name:  

Resin Transkit made by APM in 2006 and model presentation buy APM:  

Inspiration Model by Brian Venable in 2005 scale 1/24: His presentation of the model: "In the tradition of the Prodrive 550 Millennio and 575 GTC....I present the Prodrive 612 GTC. I made it by kitbashing the Revell Scaglietti kit with the Tamiya JGTC Skyline Calsonic R34. I cut the wide fenders and hood heat extractors fron the Skyline and grafted them to the 612 body...then molded and shaped it. Most all the parts are from the Skyline...interior had to be changed to left hand seating position and chassis was lengthened to fit the 612 wheelbase. Some parts were robbed from other kits and my parts box. Rear spoiler is from the Pennzoil Skyline kit, wheels are resin parts from Renaissance. Etched parts are a combo of RM of M, S27's Skyline set and Modeler's. Seat belts are Eduard. SMS carbon fiber was used on the body pieces and Modeler's CF was used on the chassis. Paint is Tamiya TS49 and their TS13 clear."